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Laume is a writer and illustrator from New Zealand, currently residing in London, UK. She comes from a background of writing poetry, lyrics, and songs, and has been a part of the music industry for over a decade. She has released five EPs with four different acts, toured internationally, and worked with many other talented artists.

Having developed a passion for writing fiction and children’s literature early on she preceded to study English literature and linguistics at the University of Canterbury in 2009, with an emphasis on children’s literature and creative writing.

Laume has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for many years, and now uses these skills to illustrate and design her books. She has completed several children’s book illustration courses both at Selwyn Collage under the tutorage of New Zealand writer and illustrator Sandra Morris, and also the MATS online children’s book illustration course.

Dyslexia drives Laume’s creativity and she is interested in helping others with the condition and in finding ways to make reading and writing more accessible. She spent many years feeling slow and unintelligent before discovering she was dyslexic.

She is currently doing her graduate studies in psychology to better understand the conditions and complexities of the mind, as well as children’s development. She writes and illustrates in her spare time, and she is often spotted listening to audiobooks while painting.

Laume aims to publish her first book of poetry alongside her first solo album in 2019. She is currently finishing off illustrations for a picture book and editing a children’s novel.